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How Do I Set A Goal?

How Do I Set A Goal?

Decide what You Want and Take Action
Setting and achieving a goal is the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. How? By deciding what you want and then taking action. We do it every day. I need to get up now. I need to get dressed now. I need to make a coffee now. We set goals and we achieve them without even thinking about it, every single day. In fact, we have been doing this our entire lives.

The Important Goals
When it comes to the really important stuff, we unfortunately freeze. We procrastinate. Why is this? Very simply, we are afraid of the change that comes with being successful. We are afraid of 'upsetting' the equilibrium of 'who' we are. Our 'identity' is wrapped up in the comfort of 'knowing' and 'feeling' comfortable within our everyday life and environment, no matter how 'uncomfortable', 'miserable' or even deeply frustrating our lives actually are. Leaving the life that we feel so comfortable with, that we feel emotionally and physically 'safe' occupying on a daily basis, is the real barrier to moving forward in our life.

Our Ego Controls Us
We are straying into dangerous territory when contemplating an audacious goal that may actually succeed. It may mean straying into the unknown and uncharted waters of an unfamiliar life, an unfamiliar life that actually scares us. Why? Because it means a loosening of the grip that our ego has on our lives. The ego runs the show. The ego is the 'boss'. On closer examination however, this ego is in reality, an emperor without clothes. Your ego is not your friend. It is your lower self, in most cases your childish self, that continues to run and actively sabotage your life.

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A New Reality
A new reality in the way that you choose to live your life can mean that the ego is being forced and coerced, through discipline and sheer desire, to take a back seat in the decision making processes that determines the results that we experience in our lives. All of a sudden, the uncomfortable truth of being forced into a fresh way of controlled and focused thinking, as opposed to aimless and rudderless mental activity, is being forced upon the ego. It is dragged screaming and kicking into a new reality that involves releasing the vice like grip it has on the decision making controls of our thoughts, behaviors and the actions that guide us on the journey through this life.

New Direction
From our fragile ego's point of view, that's a lot of power to just give up because we want to go in a new direction with our lives. From the ego's point of view, this is simply unacceptable. The control that our ego has over our life, which encompasses our identity, our career and all our deeply meaningful personal relationships, is now at the very least, profoundly or fatally undermined by our desire to step up to the plate and move in a new and empowering direction in our life. A direction that is all about the intoxicating persuit of life fulfillment and happiness via a chosen goal which will provide the physical momentum and emotional fuel for that persuit. You better be ready for the fight of your life in order to take back control from your ego and it will not be easy.

Maybe it will not be as hard as we think?
How do we make this as easy on ourselves as possible? Is it really that difficult to break away from the restrictive ingrained thinking of the voice within us? In a word, no. In fact, the key missing ingredient in our lives and the reason why there is an epidemic of failure to live life on our own terms, is an incomplete understanding of how our ego functions and where it gets it power and validity from. This is the single most important key in understanding how we operate as human being. This understanding of how we function allows us to disempower the destructive behavior of non-action when persuing a goal we have set for ourselves to achieve. 

Once we have made the decision to open up and walk through the internal gate into the garden of life, we are walking into the sunshine of a future of our own making by taking the first step of focused thinking. This is when we really begin to live life. This is what Abraham Lincoln meant when he said, "The best way to predict your future is to create it." Choose a goal based on creating a future that fills your soul to the brim with meaning and fulfillment. Don't settle for anything less.

Make a Decision
How do you start this magical process? By making a decision. It sounds deceptively simple but it really is that simple. Most people stop before they start. Their subconscious programming is screaming at them 'do not dare take a step out of your comfort zone into an unknown world', even if it means you could possibly and even dramatically change your life for the better. You are conditioned into believing that the unknown is a scary unpredictable place. This is your ego telling you 'be satisfied' with what you have, that 'ambition to be happy and fulfilled' is a price not worth paying if it means walking into the unknown. That is how devious and cowardly the destructive aspect of your ego is. It is desperate to maintain control over you at all costs. It is time for you to stand up to yourself. Focused goal driven thinking is kryptonite to your ego. This is what it is really terrified of.

Diamond Edged Scalpel
Let's take a diamond edged scalpel to our ego and let's perform surgery on it by shining the light of knowledge on why we behave this way. So, here is a simple task for you to contemplate and think about. Prove to yourself that when you take back control of your life and you achieve a goal that you have always wanted to achieve, that your life can and will improve immeasurably. That's your task that I ask you to consider. Prove to yourself what it 'feels' like to experience, probably for the first time, the accomplishment of a burning goal or desire. Break the pattern of 'thinking' that it cannot be done. Experience what it 'feels' like to accomplish a goal. Take a firm grip on the rudder of your own life. You are after all, the captain of your own ship.

A Formula
Install a new pattern of thinking based on the premise that 'yes this is absolutely possible and I have just proven to myself that it can be done. I can now use this proven formula going forward for the rest of my life.' That is our goal here. Disempower the destructive aspect of your ego, so all that is left behind is a healthy and balanced ego that exists to serve you.

Peak Personal Performance Living
I have developed a process based formula that I call 'Peak Personal Performance Living'. It has changed my life in ways I cannot even describe. There are three parts to the formula that involve the Mind, the Body and the Brain. I want to share one aspect of this formula/process with you today that is critical to the overall success in setting and then achieving a goal that matters to you, the Brain. A large part of the conversation surrounding goal setting and personal development never addresses the issue of consistent mental energy and consistent motivation and how they relate to goal setting and achievement. This relationship between mental energy and motivation is fundamental to achieving success in life. Period. 

What do I mean by this? How are we supposed to keep ourselves fully functional and motivated from a 'goal setting and achieving' point of view, if we are operating at sub-optimal levels on a day to day basis, or to put it another way, feeling shit? How? Some people are blessed with high levels of natural energy while the rest of us are not. Guess who finds goal setting and achieving to be the easiest thing in the world to achieve, due to their consistent energy levels, on a day to day basis? Answers on the back of a postage stamp. The people with high energy levels are far better equipped to be consistent on a daily basis when persuing their goals. All else being equal, that is a simple fact of life. Nobody ever talks about this. Well, let's talk about it.  

Living a Life Fulfilled
Living a life that is 'fulfilled' is the key to happiness. Living a 'successful' life and living a life that gives you a feeling of fulfillment are two completely different things. One can bring you misery even when you are apparently successful. The other will bring you happiness. Speaking as someone who is an INFJ personality (Meyer Briggs) living a fulfilling life is the most important thing to me. It is one of the key drivers in my life. We have all heard a thousand times the story of a person living a life unfulfilled who we assumed was successful and happy. Being afraid to step into our power and make the decision that we want more, is the only hurdle to overcome on the journey to a fulfilling life. More of what I hear you ask? More of what gives us an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment that what we are doing with our lives actually matters. This is the key to a happy life.

First Step
So how does this relate to learning how to set a goal? By first deciding what you want, you then need to learn the skill set necessary to make that want or goal a reality. Learning how to set and achieve a goal is a critically important ingredient in building a fulfilling life that actually matters to you, at the level of your soul. Start with the most important step of all which is setting yourself up internally. This is what mindset is all about. Creating the right internal ecosystem of focused thinking (Conscious Mind) combined with an internal Paradigm shift of beliefs (Subconscious Mind) will generate new behaviors which will generate new results. This is the foundational building block of a successful life.

I have gone into great detail regarding the fundamentals of what an internal paradigm shift is in my Blog entitled, Start A New Life By Understanding You Are Already Perfect. I explain exactly what a Paradigm is and why it is critically important to understand how a Paradigm impacts our everyday life, from our career, our friendships and our lifelong intimate relationships.

The Body
Having a healthy body is incredibly important to our wellbeing and even more so in these strange and bizarre times that we are all currently living through. I will address this in more detail in an upcoming blog. It will be focused on the duel topics of Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the Ketogenic Diet. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, I have had extensive experience in this area for 36yrs. This is a key component of my 'Peak Personal Performance Living' formula.

The Brain
So here we are finally, the Brain. A clear understanding of the key role that the brain plays in helping us achieve our goals is critical for those of us who are not blessed with naturally high energy levels. This understanding is necessary in order to live a successful and fulfilled life. In the context of consistent daily motivation, the brain is rarely ever mentioned. I cannot overstate the importance of this understanding. It will save you many years of anguish. 

I have 25yrs of personal experience in dealing with Brain enhancing Nootropics as a key modality in the art of successful goal setting and achieving. So what are Nootropics and why are they so important in helping us set and more importantly, achieve our goals? The answer is simple and compelling. They can help provide the Mental, Physical and Emotional Fuel that is needed for the daily motivation required to accomplish ambitious goals, either personal or business. Everyone talks about the mental aspect of achievement without ever discussing the mental and physical toll this has on us. Let's talk about it.

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New York, NY, Jan. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Zion Market Research has published a new report titled "Nootropics Market By Application (Memory Enhancement, Mood and Depression, Attention and Focus, Longevity and Anti-Aging, Sleep, Recovery, and Dream Enhancement, and Anxiety): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2017—2024". According to the report, the global nootropics market was valued at around USD 1,324 million in 2017 and is expected to reach approximately USD 5,959 million by 2024, at a CAGR of around 15.7% between 2018 and 2024.

Nootropics are also known as cognitive enhancers or smart drugs. These include supplements, drugs, and other related substances that can advance cognitive function, mainly executive functions, motivation, creativity, memory or attention in healthy individuals. Nootropics can be synthetic or natural substances that are used widely to enhance an individual's mental performance. Some examples are L-Theanine, Bacopa Monnieri and Rhodiola Rosea. These are some of the more popularly used Nootropics.

Silicon Valley
Nootropics are widely used as cognitive enhancers in both Silicon Valley and Universities worldwide but are now also being used in Industry as well. They are increasingly viewed as tools to be used to enhance mental performance with the view to impacting and achieving goal outcomes.

Learning and the Retention of Information
Using certain Amino Acids, Botanical's and Vitamins in isolation is now regarded as a normal addition to our daily routine. However, when 'stacked' to enhance the synergistic effects on the brain, they can impact in a meaningful way our ability to learn and retain information. They can also be used for focus, attention, mood and clarity of thought. Having a background in the field of Nutrition has allowed me to accumulate a wealth of information and research into this fascinating topic, as i have been using Nootropics for over 25yrs.

How to use Nootropics?
The key is to find what suits you as an individual. For certain individuals, the ability to focus is paramount but for others it is the enhanced levels of daily motivation coupled with clarity of thought that is important. In other areas of life and in order to thrive, some are more interested in enhanced learning abilities and the retention of that knowledge, as they may be involved in projects or businesses that involve both these key skill sets. Often the best approach is a very well researched Nootropic that ticks all these box's in one single product. 

The key point of this Blog post is to make it crystal clear that a significant proportion of the people reading this, which may include you, need and in fact require additional support in the form of Nootropics when involved in professional or personal goal setting. Nootropics are the fuel which can give us the ability to experience consistentcy in mental energy and the motivation to fuel our goal setting objectives. 

They may be work related, they may be related to personal goals we have set for ourselves from a health point of view or they may be sport related. Whatever the area, Nootropics, especially Nootropic 'stacks', are designed as a tool to help us feel mentally strong, switched on and motivated on a daily basis allowing us consistency of thought, behavior and action, which ultimately leads to new results in our life. 

The key word here is consistency. This is what we are striving for, this elusive consistency of thought, behavior and action. Building a 'pattern of consistency' is the area where Nootropics are at their very best. You can literally move mountains when you have the fuel of motivation on a daily basis.  

The Way Forward
I passionately believe that a balanced approach to goal setting is the key to success. What is a balanced approach? Coaching or Personal Mentoring, coupled with a healthy body that is underpinned with a mind that is motivated and fuelled with Nootropics that are specifically designed to give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome to any goal setting project. This holistic approach is the way forward for the future of Personal Development.


If you would like to learn more about the fascinating world of Nootropics, Coaching and Mentoring, feel free to drop in and see us at mindsetmentoring.com where we will have a small gift waiting for you.

What would be the greatest addition to your life right now, extra Motivation, better Memory, more consistant Moods or would it be increased Focus and attention? Comment below as I would love to hear.

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Change your Mindset. Change your Life.

Nigel Brennan

Founder & CEO Mindset Mentoring

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