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Company Values & Mission Statement

Who we are
Mindset Mentoring Ltd is the online home of all things Mindset. We teach clients a 12 Step System called ‘Thinking into Results’, that teaches you how to think your way to success, both in business and as an individual. We feel a huge responsibility to you, our client, on your incredible journey to a new and deeply profound understanding of who you really are and what success can really mean for you and your business.

This responsibility we take very seriously, as I have experienced myself the astonishing impact that learning how to really think and function in the way I was designed to function can have. I did this by learning and understanding the control my subconscious programming has on my day to day life. As Dr. Bruce Lipton, the father of Epigenetics succinctly explains it, “Our life is a printout of our subconscious programming”.

Understanding the astonishing impact that our subconscious programming has on our day to day life, opens up a whole new world of possibilities when we grasp the implications of learning how to reprogram our subconscious mind. ‘Thinking into Results’ is a 12 Step System that guides you to a place of profound understanding of who you really are and what you are actually capable of.

Myself and my team here at Mindset Mentoring are 100% committed to you and your quest to grow into the person you always knew you were capable of becoming.

Let us show you how. Let us show you who you really are. Allow us to introduce you to yourself, as this is the most important relationship you will ever have.

What are you looking to achieve?
Are you thinking of starting an online business, are you an Entrepreneur with vision and drive or do you currently run your own business? Are you a Sports Person looking to develop an unbreakable winning mindset or are you an Individual struggling for crystal clear clarity and purpose in your life and would really appreciate some help in identifying your purpose and your truth?

As someone who is also an INFJ type personality with ADD, Mindset Mentoring is also a home for my fellow INFJ and ADD superhumans. Allow myself and my team here at Mindset Mentoring to introduce you all to probably the most important knowledge regarding success you will ever encounter.

It will change your life. This knowledge is responsible for creating our commitment to you.

Our Commitment to you
This is my commitment to you all. As a serial Entrepreneur, former International Athlete and an expert for the last 38yrs in the art of goal setting and achieving, along with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher at the Proctor Gallagher Institute, we will teach you the 12 Step System ‘Thinking into Results’.

This is the key foundational system of success, which will introduce you to a world of ‘Peak Personal Performance Living’. This invaluable and priceless knowledge is responsible for generating billions of dollars in wealth and helping people achieve incredible goals, both business and in their personal lives. This information is completely life changing, with the capacity to revolutionise your business and your life.

We will guide you with honesty, integrity and with a full belief in you, as you learn to become truly unstoppable in Life, Business or Sport.

Become you. Be You.

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