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How Do I Change My Priorities In Life Using Mindset?


Using Mindset to accomplish major changes in what you regard as the key priorities of your life, is the number one strategy to permanently effect the trajectory of your life.

The immense power of your mind is the most valuable asset and ally that you have at your disposal.


Leveraging this power will truly astonish you in its ability to help you achieve your objective of identifying what is truly important to you and then how to place this at the centre of your life. Most importantly, it will allow you to build your life around your new life priorities with intent and purpose. This is called reimagining your life vision. It is the single most important task you will ever undertake, as it will give you renewed energy, optimism, momentum and most importantly, a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

Learning how to harness the power within to help you accomplish this, is the most valuable of life's lessons.

Let's get started.


Take stock of where you are right now in your life. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on everything that is wonderful in your life and to acknowledge what you have already accomplished. This is something that very few of us do on a regular enough basis. This is why we are now, all of a sudden because of a global pandemic, realising what really is truly important because we have no choice. The brakes have been applied to our lives which ironically has forced us all to stop and examine what we actually do, on a day to day basis.

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This is so critically important, as this feeds into our internal narrative of self-esteem. We do not give ourselves enough credit for who we are and what we have done in life. Self-Esteem is at the core of how we live our lives. It informs how we think, which then plays into our behaviors and actions, which ultimately determines the results that we experience in life. Always take the opportunity to acknowledge and recognise your achievements. This is a foundational act that is a key part of a healthy mental routine. This is a component of a successful mindset that all winners in life use as it strengthens and reenforces the relationship that you have with yourself. The cornerstone of that relationship is self-respect.


So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality.

Jim Carrey

The next step in the process of changing or reprioritising what is truly important in our lives is focusing on the why? What a huge word. The actor Jim Carrey explains perfectly what I mean by this.

"So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality."

– Jim Carrey

When something happens that forces us to stop and reflect, maybe a bike accident, a car accident, a global pandemic, the ending of a relationship or something similar, we eventually arrive at the internal door of why? We are forced to knock and if brave enough, enter.

This is at the core of who we are. Why we do what we do, every day. This can be an uncomfortable conversation to have with ourselves at the best of times. The vast majority of us never have this conversation and unfortunately, if we are to grow, we must. On a regular basis. When we don't, we lose touch not only with ourselves but we also lose sight of the people surrounding us as the noise of life drowns them out.

Then one day we end up where we are, right now in the middle of a global event and realize "hang on, is this my life?" Sometimes it can be truly shocking and life changing and exactly what we need, all at the same time.

This is a critical starting point as it will allow a clear and objective analysis of where you really are in your life.

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This is the key question. The answer is simple if you are serious about changing your priorities and is summed up very well in this quote.

"Wealth may bring happiness but happiness will bring wealth".

There is only one thing left for you to decide. What does happiness and wealth mean to me? A deep, subconscious feeling that what you are doing with your life matters and that it provides you with an immense feeling of fulfilment, is usually the gold standard of living.

Right now, in these bizarre and unprecedented times, is your opportunity to re-focus your life priorities. We all (hopefully) may never get another opportunity like this to readjust the trajectory of our lives.


What do I really want to do with my life? A simple question with huge ramifications on our happiness. Now is your chance. Grasp it with both hands. What is important to me? Who is important to me? How do I want to spend my time and with whom? Why? These questions allow us to answer the question of what really matters to us. It also allows us to answer the question of what gives me the feeling of true fulfillment? Here is the astonishing thing. We never ask ourselves these questions. This is why there is an epidemic of unhappiness in the world. As Jim Carrey said, it is out of practicality that we choose our path in life. Another way of looking at this is that we are so conditioned to settle for mediocrity that we have abandoned ourselves and our own happiness. That is why we hardly even know who we are.  


Life is made up of three components. Understanding what makes us happy and fulfilled, what we do on a day to day basis to achieve this and those who we surround ourselves with and care the most about, to share this journey that we call life. Get all three in the right balance and you have the perfect recipe for a life that is truly worth living and that is filled with happiness.


Mindset is the most valuable toolkit that you have at your disposal to help you achieve this wonderful balance. It is the single most powerful strategy that you can deploy to change the trajectory of your life.

Start by writing out exactly what you have decided you want to achieve in respect of reprioritising your life. By doing this, you are outlining a clear path forward. This is for the benefit of your subconscious. Your subconscious is a 500 Pound Gorilla slumbering quietly inside you that you want to wake up and help you achieve your new priorities. You do this by giving it clear and concise instructions. You are basically sending a registered letter to your subconscious, filled with detailed instructions, when you write out exactly what you want to achieve.


This is the first step in the process that we call 'taking action'. This is a highly symbolic first step, as it signals to our subconscious that 'hey, I am serious about this, so pay attention'. We are forcing our subconscious into a state of awareness of what exactly it is we are looking to achieve. It is forced to acknowledge our written set of instructions.


Start with one goal you want to achieve or one piece of the puzzle that you would like to change or reposition in your life. Always start with one step at a time, as this allows your full and undivided attention to be focused on this initial ground breaking first action step.


Every journey starts with a destination in mind. Picture very clearly where it is exactly you would like to go. Then step into this picture. Feel what it would be like to experience this precise outcome, or as in this case, what it would feel like to be happy in the experience of living your newly reprioritised life, right now. By using the combination of images and emotions, you are speaking the language of your subconscious, as this is how you speak directly to your own subconscious. It will speak back to you using the language of intuition. Trust what you are feeling as this is your newly recruited subconscious giving you direction and guidance.


The key is to keep the image and feeling of your reimagined life front and centre by thinking about it several times a day, with real emotion. This is the key. You are creating a pattern of emotion based on the feeling of achievement within you, one actionable step at a time. This is what all top level business and sports people do, every day. They first create the inner world of success based exactly on what it is they are looking to accomplish. Their behaviors and actions will then begin to reflect their desire to achieve their goal. 

For you, this may involve researching whatever it is that you would love to do or spending time consciously in the presence of those that you truly treasure. By doing this you are demonstrating intent and purpose to your higher self. You are creating the foundational patterns of thinking, behavior and actions, which will ultimately feed into and inform the results that you will experience in your life. These are the initial steps when developing a winning mindset. It is such a rewarding experience.


You will be rewarded for this by being guided by your subconscious which is, beyond measure vastly more powerful than your conscious mind, to the destination of your choice. Our purpose in life, our real undiluted purpose in life, is fuelled by a burning desire to achieve it. Use this golden opportunity to refuel your life with purpose, intent, optimism and motivation about the future.


If you would like to learn more about this fascinating topic of Mindset and how it relates to changing your priorities in life, drop in and visit us at mindsetmentoring.com, where we have a little gift waiting for you.

What have you decided to prioritize in your life? Leave a comment below. 

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Change your Mindset. Change your Life.

Nigel Brennan

Founder and CEO Mindset Mentoring Ltd.

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